Latest Update 17th November 2015

I wish to thank all of our members, past and present, for their invaluable support over the years.  We have held 29 Rallies since our formation at the old Laira Bridge Depot started through  the auspices of the late Richard Morris, Marketing Manager of the Western National Omnibus Company.  During this time we have had great support from our members, numerous volunteers and, of course, our many friends who brought, at their own expense, their vehicle to display and provide the ever popular free trips around the Hoe and the City.  The support of the people of Plymouth and the surrounding areas also played their part in making the Rallies the success which they became.  All this support made the WNPG a resounding success and although the name is to be perpetuated by our friends in Cornwall, it is still a sad day giving up the reins after so long residing in Plymouth

  Thank you all.

Paul Derrick


Western National Preservation Group


P.S. We still have some Memorabilia remaining for sale.

Please contact me or Gary Furniss for details.

XT - As previously announced, the Western National Preservation Group is moving from Plymouth to Penzance.


LF 2015 (824 KDV) returned to its owner, Martin Stevens in Sheffield

VR 1200 (LFJ 844W) with Luke Farley

VR 1056 (OTA 290G) with Colin Billington in Maidenhead

SUL 420 (270 KTA)

to Colin Billington in Maidenhead and then on to David Sheppard in Plymouth

LHS 1255 (VOD 125K) with Mel Williams in Cornwall

Goodbye all and “Thanks for Watching” (Your Webmaster)