Latest Update 2nd November 2015

 Bristol Marshall Bodied LHS (Fleet No. 1255)

 We have started to get this bus back on the road. It was last on the road in 1996 and so far we have replaced two tyres and completed some electrical work with a view to having it MOTd before our Rally then re-paint later. The work is being done near Liskeard at weekends. If any member can be of any assistance please inform the chairman.

Updated 1st April 2011

 Below are some photographs of 1255 together with a photograph of its sister LHS (Fleet No. 1254) taken at Devonport Dockyard by the courtesy of its owner Paul Derrick, Chairman WNPG.

Further photographs will be released as its restoration  progresses.

1255 (left) in the “Barn” awaiting some TLC with its sister 1254 in Devonport Dockyard

 Courtesy of its owner Paul Derrick (2004)

12th June 2011

1255 has undergone some considerable refurbishment during the past few weeks but more has to be accomplished to meet our deadline of 24th july, the Rally Day.   On the following pages are some photographs of work done to date.    Tyres replaced, wheel hubs refurbished, engine cleaned and checked, battery box refurbished, seat frames cleaned and painted, windows removed to measure for new rubbers etc.