Latest Update 2nd November 2015

Bristol Marshall Bodied LHS (Fleet No. 1255) (Continuation Page)

Front panel off  Ready to start work

Definitely some work to be done

Obvious tyre problems

Looking better already. More work needed

A big improvement

Wheel hubs ready

Paul & Sylvia examine the electrics

I think that wire belongs there!

For Sylvia & David a well earned rest.

David at work on the interior

Frames ready for the upholstery

Looking better every day. The first results of a lot of hard work.

Gary busy with the wheel hubs

Window out to measure for new rubber seals

Cleared for action

New tyres fitted and the wheels replaced

Gary and David taking a well earned break

Refurbishment complete

The Battery Box looking very sad awaiting renovation

Batteries out and box ready for treartment

More photos to follow as work progresses