Latest Update 11th August 2015

The Group was formed in 1991 at the old Laira Depot in Plymouth.

The aim of the Group is to preserve the Western National name and the much loved West Country’s Green Buses.

The company (Western National) donated the following vehicles to the Group:

Bristol LHS          (Fleet No. 1255)

Bristol RE           (Fleet No. 1473)

Bristol L            (Fleet No. 1266)

Bristol VRT Series 1 (Fleet No. 1056) on its retirement in 1992

In May 1997, the Bristol RE (Fleet No. 1473) was sold on and subsequently scrapped by its new owner.

Bristol FLF (Fleet No. 2019) arrived on long term loan from Martin Stevens of Sheffield. It has been returned, with thanks, to its owner.

Bristol SUL 4A (Fleet No.420)was donated to the Group by Derek Willis.

In 2006, Bristol VRT Series 3(Fleet No.1200) was received from First (Devon & Cornwall) with “Barbie 2” livery.  It has been repainted into the last Independent Livery of Western National Blue and Cream.

Also received from First(Devon & Cornwall) is Bristol VRT Series 3 (Fleet No.1226)

which has retained its original ‘as received’ livery.

During the early months of 2010, it became necessary to dispose of the Bristol SUL 4A (Fleet No. 420), VRT Series 1 (Fleet No. 1056) and VRT Series 3 (Fleet No 1226)

As of June 2010 the Group’s vehicles comprise

VRT Series 3 (Fleet No. 1200 - LFJ 844W),

Bristol LHS (Fleet No. 1255 - VOD 125K)

Bristol LHS (Fleet No. 1254 - VOD 124K)

The latter is associated with the Group through its owner:-

Mr Paul Derrick

Present WNPG Committee

Chairman                     Paul Derrick   (

Vice Chairman                Gary Furniss

Treasurer                    Sylvia Stride

Secretary                    Dick Nicholls


Rally Duty Personnel

Rally Coordinator            Paul Derrick

Rally Controller             Dick Nicholls

Assistant Controller         

Event Safety Officer         Gary Furniss

Assistant Safety Officer     Darren Barlow

Trade Stand Secretary        Stuart Pickett